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  1. Do you see anything wrong with using the Share Tables in Shares Magazine or the weekly CSV formatted data for PE ratio scans?
  2. I want to get in early on stocks you mention in articles. When does Shares magazine go on sale?
  3. What source do you use for PE ratios and do you use historical or prospective data?
  4. Where can read informed, current technical analysis comment on shares?
  5. The last issue (15 December 2001) of Shares Weekly Trendlines indicated on analysis, that the All Ords recent run up was a bear trap and would probably end in a nasty downturn. I accepted your interpretation and started watching for signs that would confirm your analysis, you seem to get it right so many times. However, when I read your column Trend Trader in the January Shares magazine, I got the impression that the signs were now showing that a climb off the floor, led by the Nasdaq was a distinct possibility. So, one article saying down and the other saying up. Have I got it wrong? I realise that the magazine is based on prices up to 30 November, and of course the weekly is more recent. Are the 2 possibilities incompatible, or has one replaced the other?
  6. I think the share market is currently (end July 2001) in phase 2 of a Bear market, that is, Bear market phase 2, Do you agree? Do you provide a service for investors to receive say regular update of your thoughts on the market in general or in detail format?
  7. Are brokers and magazines biased because they also have public company clients?