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  1. You talked about a parabolic stop that you use to set you stop profit when a stock rockets up. Can you please explain how this is executed?
  2. If there are no clear support levels on a daily bar chart, at what point do you switch to Parabolic stops?
  3. If there are no clear support levels in a weekly chart, do you switch to a daily chart or use Parabolic stops?
  4. What book Would you recommend on Parabolic SAR?
  5. Please comment on Tomato Technologies (TMO) price movements, in particular what price indicators would you have used to generate a sell signal during that period, and at what point was that signal given?
  6. In determining the break in an uptrend, should I use a 5% stop, or daily/weekly moving average cross over?
  7. What methods do you use for getting out of a stock if its rising trend fails?