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  1. What are the best five bookson psychology?
  2. How do I take the emotion out of investing?
  3. What is the best education in Australia for a share trader?
  4. What is the name of William O'Neill's book that describes the CANSLIM method?
  5. Do you know of a good book on derivatives?
  6. Can I still get the videotapes and/or DVDs of your investment plan?
  7. What books would you suggest on Candlestick charting?
  8. In Ask Colin, you mention your book. Have you published a book?
  9. As a beginner, should I start with FIN 231 Technical Analysis at Kaplan, or your book Building Wealth in the Stock Market?
  10. Where can I get John Bollinger's book?
  11. What is the best book to start to learn fundamental Analysis?
  12. Where can I buy Mark Douglas' book Trading in the Zone?
  13. Where can I get Shares Charting Guide No 1?
  14. Can you suggest books or videotapes to help me trade with moving averages?
  15. What book would you recommend on Gann Swing Charts?
  16. Could you recommend some books on day trading?
  17. Can you recommend a book to help me develop or learn to develop a trading plan?
  18. You write for the ATAA journal. How is it obtained?
  19. Do you know a source of Technical indicators including their formulas?
  20. Do you know of any books that explain the psychology behind chart patterns?
  21. What do you consider to be the best book on Fundamental Analysis?
  22. What do you think of Bill Wormald's geometrical approach in his book Trends and Tripwires?
  23. Are there any classic texts you recommend on Trading Psychology?
  24. What is your opinion of Mark Douglas' book Trading in the Zone?
  25. In addition to your mini-course, what three other introductory trading books/courses would you recommend to a complete novice?
  26. In your January 2003 Shares magazine article Swing with the Trends, on Pivot Point reversals, you mention other reversal patterns. What book can I buy to read about them?
  27. Which are the best of the recommended readings for FIN231 Technical Analysis at the SIA?
  28. Could you give me, in order of priority, a reading list on money management?
  29. What is the difference between Van Tharp's Peak Performance Course and his book Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom?
  30. Could you give me a beginners reading course to study investing and trading, fundamental and technical analysis?
  31. Where can I find material on Elliott Wave Theory?
  32. Could you provide a list of the books you mentioned in your Investor Hour talk at the ASX 14 August 2002?
  33. Will your book The Aggressive Investor help me more than Neil Costa's course in writing an investment plan, or do I need both?
  34. Where can I find a book that will tell me how a number of different indicators could be used in unison to come to decision?
  35. Where can I find a book on the Fibonacci ratio?
  36. Where can I find a book on momentum oscillators and the MACD histogram in particular?
  37. Where can I find a book that explains what a triple divergence is?
  38. What book Would you recommend on Parabolic SAR?
  39. What book would you recommend on indicators generally?
  40. What book would you recommend on Moving Average Convergence Divergence (MACD)?
  41. I have never seen a Steidlmayer Distribution chart. Can you send me one?
  42. Why is it that Professional fund managers mostly fail to beat the index?
  43. What advice would you give a 19-year-old who wants to learn how to trade and invest in the stock market?
  44. What are good sources from which to learn money management?
  45. Does your book The Aggressive Investor teach technical analysis?
  46. Can you suggest any books which will help me write my own custom charting software?
  47. Do you offer one-on-one tutoring and is that the way to go?
  48. Is there a book on how company announcements impact the market?
  49. I am trying to find a book by a gentleman who lives in Tasmania and has either written a book or lectures on the psychology aspect of trading.
  50. Will your book  The Aggressive Investor help me to set up and use Insight Trader charting software?
  51. Would you please recommend a book about point & figure charting?
  52. I have heard of a book on the Zurich axioms, do you know of it?
  53. Please recommend a basic starting book on charting?
  54. Is there a website providing formulas in Excel format for technical analysis indicators?
  55. One of the E114 Technical Analysis lecturers mentioned a book on money management. Can you help?
  56. Can you recommend a book dealing specifically with profit protection, money management and pyramiding?
  57. What would be a good strategy to eliminate the undesirable stocks?
  58. Nick Radge mentioned what he thought were good books on options trading at a Sydney ATAA meeting. Do you know what they were?
  59. Concerning your Research Report No 1 Combining Fundamental and Technical Analysis (No longer published, but now incorporated in my Seminar Notes under Stock Selection - Colin): There exists a plethora of textbooks on the practice and application of fundamental analysis and a huge amount of data, much being available from the internet, on every listed company in the world and so by now one would have thought that there has been ample time for research to have been completed, with the results being already in the public domain. Perhaps this does exist, but not for the Australian market?
  60. Is there a good book on trading options for a beginner?
  61. Have you written anything on how to use Technical Analysis to detect the bottom of the market?
  62. Can you recommend any books or sites on day trading?
  63. What is the best, preferably Australian, book on technical analysis?
  64. What are the ingredients for a good trading plan?
  65. Could you please recommend a simple and comprehensive book on technical analysis?
  66. Where can I find information on Stochastic?
  67. Do you recommend the book "The Trading Systems Toolkit: How to Build, Test and Apply Moneymaking Stock and Futures Trading Systems" by Joe Krutsinger?
  68. Can you recommend books on Crowd Behaviour?
  69. What book would you recommend on Bollinger Bands?
  70. Can you recommend a good chart pattern interpretation and probability book especially for Australian market?
  71. Will a beginner be able to understand your book The Aggressive Investor?