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  1. Do you think joining Day Trader HQ in Perth WA ($1760), using MetaStock is good value?
  2. What is the look-back period for the New High-New Low indicator? Can it be done in MetaStock?
  3. Is there a MetaStock formula that can create the new high-new low indicator?
  4. How can I set up the New High - New Low indicator in Metastock?
  5. Should a beginner buy MetaStock, Insight Trader or something else?
  6. If you use Metastock software, how do you calculate Coppock indicator on the software?
  7. Is there charting software which will let me find shares that meets a certain criteria?
  8. Where on your web site are the MetaStock scan formulae?
  9. Do you have MetaStock formulas for the Insight Trader filters that you use?
  10. I use MetaStock. Who is the best data vendor?
  11. How can I program Dr Elder's Force Index into MetaStock?
  12. I have just read your article "Disciplined Trader" in the March 2001 Shares magazine. I am interested in the use of the "envelope" you talked about. We use the Metastock Program and wondered if you could give us some idea of how to install these "envelopes" on a chart, using this program.
  13. Is Insight Trader good enough for system testing, or would other software be better?
  14. Do you know the MetaStock formulas for Elder Ray and Force Index?
  15. What do you think of the EZ PnF point & figure software, recently reviewed in TA of Stocks & Commodities magazine compared to MetaStock?
  16. I am trying to re-create the moving average envelope in MetaStock 7.03. Can you help?
  17. Concerning Metastock or Omnitrader, do you have assessments of these trading systems?
  18. How do I set up an advance-decline line for an index in Metastock v6.52?