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  1. Do you know of any websites or software that can chart Australian managed funds data, especially with multiple moving averages?
  2. I have read that if you are out of the market on the best 10 or 20 days, it seriously reduces your return? What do you think?
  3. Do the fund managers/institutions buy in the last 1/2-hour of trading and can they do so without distorting the true supply-demand relationship?
  4. Having been "burned' in the stock market, a friend suggested investing in overseas funds earning 20-30%. Is this wise?
  5. Why is it that Professional fund managers mostly fail to beat the index?
  6. Is there any way to get or view charts on Managed Funds? I'd be interested in a range of Global funds also i.e. UK, Europe or USA based - not just Australia? Are they of any use anyway? Can one apply normal Technical Analysis or are they "too diversified"?
  7. If trading in options and other derivatives are so good, why do fund manager's even bother investing in shares (excluding voting rights and dividends)?
  8. If technical analysis is so sound that one may largely disregard fundamental analysis, why aren't there any managed funds that explicitly sell the fact that they only employ technical analysis in trading stocks?
  9. I am thinking (early October 2000) about investing in managed funds. However, am I interpreting your articles correctly as suggesting I would be better to wait?
  10. Our managed fund investments are intended for our retirement. Can recent events (early March 2001) over-ride our original intentions?
  11. Has the time arrived (Early March 2001) to be different from the mob and stand aside, ignoring my fund manager's advice?
  12. Are you aware of any funds that solely employ Technical Analysis for their investment decisions?
  13. I have been making a transition from buying mutual funds on a long term basis to buying stocks on a short term basis and selling short a little bit. I assume we are now (December 2000) in the phase 2 of a bear market. Would you advise me to sell my mutual funds now and do you have any other recommendations to help me with my transition?