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  1. Why do you not invest outside the ASX?
  2. Why are you not fully invested (May 2017)?
  3. Do you use Stock Doctor financial health ratings?
  4. How do you manage orders in low volume stocks?
  5. How is your plan to buy stocks selling below value carried out in a market where most stocks are at or above fair value?
  6. What is your plan if the present (8 January 2016) sideways pattern lows are broken?
  7. What do you do if a correction in the market seems imminent?
  8. Why is taxation not mentionedin your investment plan?
  9. At the end of a bull market, why sell the stocks with the least gain first?
  10. I see Ansell as a stock ready to buy, but how would your approach be to adding this stock to a portfolio?.  
  11. Do you belive people make investing too complicated?
  12. Has your investment plan tended to outperform the market the most in the first stage of bull markets, as it did in 2002-03?
  13. Is it unreasonable to assume that the current trading range (August 2005) could last until the end of the decade, if not longer?
  14. What charting criteria would suggest the difference between a bull market correction and the start of a new bear market?
  15. Would you ever consider selling everything, and not buying anything again until the chart of the market showed positive signs of recovery?
  16. Should I raise my stops in a market decline (29 June 2015)?
  17. How did you start establishing your portfolio?
  18. Are all your share investments in your SMSF?
  19. Do you apply a particular system or approach for a disproportionate stockholding?
  20. How would you manage exposure to the ASX200 index?
  21. Do you know of any good education programs for investors?
  22. What are the three main approaches to investment used by professional investors?
  23. Should we have two portfolios: a investment (long-term-buy-and-hold income producing) portfolio and a trading (short term) portfolio?
  24. Do you ever sell long term investments whose price is falling?
  25. I am thinking (early October 2000) about investing in managed funds. However, am I interpreting your articles correctly as suggesting I would be better to wait?
  26. Our managed fund investments are intended for our retirement. Can recent events (early March 2001) over-ride our original intentions?
  27. Do you continue to hold stocks in a bear market and would you include any growth stocks?
  28. A friend gave up dairy farming to invest in shares, buying low PE and high dividend yield stocks. I also bought some, but my choices did not perform. Will your seminar tell me what I was doing wrong?
  29. Your statements that " 9 out of 10 people lose" and that "It takes 5 to 10 years to become a good trader" contradict the idea that trading stocks with technical analysis is the best way to make capital gains. If I learn correctly, could I become a successful trader within 12 months?
  30. I have left it very late to try to accumulate enough money for my retirement. Is share trading a way to make up for lost time?