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  1. How do you get a system scan result into Excel?
  2. What do I need in Insight Trader to use your methods?
  3. Are you able to point me in the right direction on which charting software to buy?
  4. Do you know a subscription website listing Australian shares point and figure charts?
  5. Should I consider something like Insight Trader or is Commsec's charting enough?
  6. Do you think joining Day Trader HQ in Perth WA ($1760), using MetaStock is good value?
  7. Is there an Australian service for the relative strength rating service in How to Make Money in Stocks?
  8. For a beginner, what is the best charting/TA software?
  9. What software package is strong in technical analysis, especially candlesticks and point & figure?
  10. What are the filter rules for the Insight Trader systems module to calculate the daily New Highs & New Lows?
  11. What filter you are using in Insight Trader to calculate New Highs - New Lows?
  12. Should a beginner buy MetaStock, Insight Trader or something else?
  13. For calculating the New Highs - New Lows in Insight Trader, why do you use 260 days?
  14. How do I get data from a spreadsheet into an Insight Trader data file?
  15. Is there charting software which will let me find shares that meets a certain criteria?
  16. At the top of Insight Trader charts I see things like W@W - what does this mean?
  17. How do you create in Insight Trader the charts of the Arms Index?
  18. Is there a way in Insight Trader to draw an exponential moving average envelope on a chart?
  19. Is there a way to chart Dr Elder's Force Index and Elder Ray in Insight Trader?
  20. What settings should I use for Bollinger bands in Insight Trader?
  21. Can Insight Trader scan for stocks that break above a moving average?
  22. How can the Advance-Decline line be superimposed on an index chart in Insight Trader?
  23. What is the Insight Trader filter rule for 52-week new highs in the last 5 days?
  24. What software do you use to get your lists of stocks making 52-week new highs?
  25. Do you have MetaStock formulas for the Insight Trader filters that you use?
  26. Where can I get historical data for the ASX on CD ROM suitable for analysis in Excel?
  27. What indicators in Insight Trader could be used for Dr Elder's "Five Bullets to a Clip" method?
  28. Some published Coppock indicator charts vary from Insight Trader. Which is correct?
  29. What do you think of TradeStation software and is it worth the cost compared to Insight Trader?
  30. How do I set up the Insight Trader Systems Module to find your value model stocks?
  31. Are the Dial & Chart videos that teach how to use Insight Trader worth buying?
  32. In Insight Trader can I create my own custom hilite list?
  33. How do I locate the stocks that have triggered alarms I have set in Insight Trader?
  34. Can the New Highs - New Lows data file be directly updated from theInsihjt Trader Systems Module?
  35. How do I download the Insight Trader format data files from the website?
  36. Will your book  The Aggressive Investor help me to set up and use Insight Trader charting software?
  37. How do you plot the Advance/Decline & All Ords/Dow lines on the same chart?
  38. How can I keep stock data files adjusted for splits etc up to date in Insight Trader?
  39. How can I create a chart from the Insight Trader data files on the Data Files page of the free website?
  40. In Insight Trader, how can I quickly and easily create charts of all the stocks in an industry sector?
  41. In Insight Trader, how can I compare the relative strength of ASX Industry Sectors?
  42. Can you advise me about Insight Trader trading software?
  43. How can a regression line be plotted on a stock chart in Insight Trader?
  44. What criteria do you use to scan the market using Insight Trader software?
  45. Can you suggest a data vendor supplying ASX data in Insight Trader format?
  46. Where can I can a CD of historical share data for free or the best price?
  47. Is there anywhere I can read an independent review of Insight Trader charting software?
  48. Do you use Insight Trader? If so, is it suitable for Exchange Traded Options trading?
  49. Do you know which software packages come with a Stochastic charting feature .
  50. How do I find data vendors for end-of-day Insight Trader format data for Australian and Hong Kong shares?
  51. What are the filter rules for Insight Trader systems module to calculate the ASX Advances and Declines?
  52. Is Insight Trader good enough for system testing, or would other software be better?
  53. What type of software do you use?
  54. Please help me to decide what software to buy. Minimum number of indicators, etc.