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  1. Where can I find detailed instruction on indicators?
  2. Should I use the same indicators in both bull and bear markets?
  3. Do you know a source of Technical indicators including their formulas?
  4. What indicators in Insight Trader could be used for Dr Elder's "Five Bullets to a Clip" method?
  5. Is there any oscillator in Insight Trader that could be used instead of Force Index?
  6. Where can I find a book that will tell me how a number of different indicators could be used in unison to come to decision?
  7. What book would you recommend on indicators generally?
  8. Which indicators are best to define when we are in a bear market?
  9. Could tell me how the Excel formula is calculated for the MAMA (Mesa Adaptive Moving Average)/FAMA (Following Adaptive Moving Average) indicator, developed by John Ehlers. I would also like to know what you think of this indicator.
  10. Is there a website providing formulas in Excel format for technical analysis indicators?
  11. Can I get by with just a swing chart or do I need lots of indicators too?
  12. When you say that you don't use any indicators in your trade decision, does it mean that indicators are not useful?
  13. Can you direct me to publications which set out simple buy and sell signals and indicators that crosscheck them?
  14. Do you know what the technical indicator SIROC (Smoothed Indexed Rate of Change) is?
  15. Which one indicator is best to identify strongly trending markets?
  16. Please help me to decide what software to buy. Minimum number of indicators, etc.