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  1. How would you manage exposure to the ASX200 index?
  2. Where can I get a list of the stocks in an S&P/ASX index?
  3. Over what length of period can you apply the divergence principle to the advance decline line and the index?
  4. With the demise of the ASX Industrials and Transport indexes, what indexes should now be used for Dow Theory?
  5. Can the Coppock indicator be used for stocks as well as indices?
  6. Is there a website with the Australian sector indices?
  7. Why can't I see Accumulation, Mark-up, Distribution and Mark-down stages on the chart of the All Ordinaries Index?
  8. Where can I see the Advance-Decline line tracked against the All Ordinaries Index for the last five years?
  9. Are support and resistance levels on index charts valid?
  10. How do you plot the Advance/Decline & All Ords/Dow lines on the same chart?
  11. Where can I get ASX index data for before 1980?
  12. How can I find the lists of the shares that make up the Australian market indices - All Ordinaries, All Industrials, Alcohol & Tobacco, etc.- and their percentage share of their index?