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  1. How can I spot accumulation and distribution on stock charts?
  2. Isn't Vocus Communiacions a growth stock?
  3. What are your rules of thumb for PE ratios?
  4. How effective is the 52-week new highs scan towards the end of a bull market?
  5. Do you agree that, in hindsight, we can see a company will grow, but it is not evident in real time?
  6. I am looking at buying growth companies with a PE ratio of 15-25, providing the PEG ratio is 1 or less. What do you do?
  7. In BRW 26 July 2003 you discussed ABC Learning Centres (ABS), but it has a PE ratio of 21.9 versus the industry ratio of 13. Am I missing something?
  8. If you have several growth stock investment opportunities, how do you decide between them?
  9. What do you mean when you say a stock is a "growth" stock?
  10. Are your value and growth models applicable to all market conditions and if not, when are they best used?
  11. How do you define a growth company?
  12. I have read one of your articles regarding choosing value shares by their PE and yield, but I am unsure as to your approach on growth shares. I also note that you will be happy to trade a trend in the face of recently poor financials, etc. So, my question is how do I go about narrowing down my choices of shares to watch and perhaps trade?
  13. Have you any fundamental criteria you go by, in selecting or filtering growth stocks ? For example how would you apply fundamental analysis to WSF, HVN, COH and MBL?
  14. I have read recently the following comment, "In fact value stocks have outperformed growth shares for the past three out of five weeks after grossly underperforming for most of April and the beginning of May." This was in reference to US market. Could you please be so kind and explain what is the difference between the "value" and "growth" stocks? What parameters "decide" if it is "value" or "growth" stock? Can one stock change from "value" to "growth" and vice versa?