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  1. I recently bought some shares. With them came some Reset Preference Shares that expire in a couple of weeks. What happens if I hold them past the expiry date?
  2. What are the tick sizes on the ASX?
  3. Is it only the headlines in the media that makes property look like a bubble. Can't markets easily go up 25% per year?
  4. What does it mean when someone says "shares have a personality"?
  5. What does "bailout by the banks" mean?
  6. I used to enjoy your Trendlines and Trend Trader columns in Shares. Where can I read them now?
  7. What are the risks to consider if directors hold a significant proportion of the issued shares and buying steadily with the chief executive holding over 30% plus options on another 33% exercisable above the current price?
  8. Shareholders in a recently failed company (name withheld) seem to have been abused in the reorganisation process. What can be done about it?
  9. How do I go about getting a technical analysis job in the industry?
  10. What is the definition of "blue chip", "mid cap" and "small cap" shares?
  11. To calculate the total capitalisation of a company, should I include unlisted shares?
  12. Why is there a difference between the number of shares a company has issued and the number that are quoted on the ASX?
  13. There is a huge volume of information available on the markets. What is essential and what is not?
  14. There are a lot of overhead costs to trading. Is it worthwhile?
  15. What is active investing?
  16. What are Bid and Ask and what is Bid/Ask Size?
  17. How can I monitor company announcements to the ASX?
  18. Is there GST and Stamp Duty on shares and when does this apply. Is it the same statutory charges in the futures market as well could you tell these prices please?
  19. With respect to the 3 fundamental filters of your Fundamental Value Scan, you run it on Industrials only: With the categorisation of the stocks listed becoming so specific, would you define "industrials"? For example would The Gribbles Group be so classified? Village Roadshow Ltd?
  20. There is an interesting article on possible insider trading before the NY terrorist attack. Maybe its still possible to anticipate a sharp downturn using charts?
  21. Regarding insider trading and market manipulation, has the authorities ever monitored the pre-opening trades for certain stocks? At times, the pre-opening trades value a stock at least 20% higher than the last closing price. May I have your comments please?
  22. Is buying and selling shares the same as broking?
  23. I have always thought that the longer the time frame the more reliable the data (I think I heard someone once say the less 'noise' in the data.) If this is not the case I understand why the 2% rule should be used irrespective of time frame, but if it is the case would you not have
  24. Would you agree that share trading is less demanding than futures trading?
  25. I have a holding in this company so I watch it regularly via internet trading. Buying over a period of time to extend my holdings. On a couple of occasions a positive announcement comes out or a trading halt is imposed in view of an impending announcement. However instead of the positive climb in share prices one would expect the market appears to be "selling down" in spite of potential buyers set to push the price up. If this were to occur could an investor be provided with access to information which would show (a) What brokers executed the trades, both buy and sell (b) Who the clients were who were selling to and buying from each other (c) The share holding positions of these players in the particular Company, and any connections between the individual buy and sell players. I have noticed occasions where it appears that a possible manipulation of this type may happen.
  26. Today I bought PBB. Within 10 minutes it fell dramatically and I was unable to exit at my stop loss. A chairman's address also occurred today and possibly the cause. I prefer to purchase stocks when no information or meetings are pending. How do I find out when these meetings and releases are scheduled?
  27. Is there any substance to the recent seminar topic: 'What you must know about Mondays and Fridays'?