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  1. Do you think there is too much emphasis on fundamental analysis?
  2. Having incurred significant paper losses based on Rivkin Report recommendations since 2000, would it be a better strategy to incorporate technical analysis into my decisions, notwithstanding Rene's negative attitude to charting?
  3. There is one cynical question that must be asked of not just you, but all share chartists. If the charts work as well as they do at assisting you in making investment decisions (I understand that they are but one tool of the trade), why aren't you all sitting on some tropical tax haven trading the hell out of the market and living off the fruits of your knowledge & charting ability?
  4. I am a regular reader of your section in the Shares magazine. I am currently looking at Telstra as a good defensive buy at this time . I noted that you predicted it could go down as far as $4.00. I was wondering if you would mind elaborating further as I can't see how that would occur given that it is well supported by the mums and dads. I also think whoever is elected will not increase regulatory control. I enjoy your articles, although I am not a technical analyst myself. I look to the fundamental analysts for guidance.
  5. Should I use fundamentals for market direction and technical analysis to pick the bottom of trends?
  6. Is the fundamental factor also very crucial to technical analysts?