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  1. Does the Coppock indicator falling below zero mean we are heading into a bear market (January 2016)?
  2. Late October 2015: How do we decide a correction in a bull is not a bear market before its too late?
  3. What do you think about trading options in a bear market?
  4. Why don't you use a bear fund to trade bear markets rather than standing aside in cash?
  5. Which Dow phase are we currently in (early 2001) and when are we likely to see an entry point?
  6. Should we keep watching the charts in a bear market?
  7. The Dow and the All Ords have proved much more resilient than I expected. I've been mostly out of the market for a year. At what point in time does the recent upward run (to first week of May 2001) in the Dow remain only a bear correction and not a continuation of the Bull Run - when the Dow goes to a new high?
  8. It seems that the bull run has all but ended (early January 2001). Should I be trying to trade the bear market, or is there no alternative to waiting for a new bull market?
  9. I have been making a transition from buying mutual funds on a long term basis to buying stocks on a short term basis and selling short a little bit. I assume we are now (December 2000) in the phase 2 of a bear market. Would you advise me to sell my mutual funds now and do you have any other recommendations to help me with my transition?