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  1. What was the course you did on fundamental analysis?
  2. I find that there are differences in fundamental data between Commsec and the Financial Review. Which is more accurate?
  3. Where do you source the fundamental data used in your Stock Investment Journals?
  4. Why does a stock fall in price after announcing good earnings?
  5. What do you do if a company is constantly paying out more in dividends than they are earning?
  6. Why is there no price earnings ratio (PER) for some companies?
  7. There are many sites where they forecast the EPS Growth. One site has an ASX overall Top 10 forecast EPS Growth as at 06/01/06 (EPS Growth (%) F/Year), ranging from GLB 4900% down to HDR 120%. What are your thoughts on these types of forecasts?
  8. What does it mean when management are reported to be selling shares in a company?
  9. Do you think there is too much emphasis placed on fundamental analysis?
  10. Do you talk to independent analysts such as your colleague Trevor Hoey at Shares magazine?
  11. Do you attend annual meetings of companies?
  12. Do you do any research in the Peter Lynch style " kicking the tyres"?
  13. Do you do any research in the Philip Fisher style "Scuttlebutt"?
  14. Do you do any fundamental research apart from reading the Financial Review and the margin of safety checks mentioned in Shares Charting Guide No 1?
  15. What Equity figure should I use in calculating Return on Equity?
  16. What happened to, which was a great free site for company financials?
  17. What is the best book to start to learn fundamental Analysis?
  18. Which would you favour for fundamental stock selection between StockDoctor and Conscious Investor?
  19. What does deflation mean?
  20. What do you consider to be the best book on Fundamental Analysis?
  21. What is the difference between ROE and ROA?
  22. Why do Australian companies not report quarterly as in the US?
  23. Could you explain the difference between the Debt to Equity Ratio and Leverage?
  24. I have found some companies in the Shares magazine tables that have negative shareholders funds. What does this mean?
  25. What do you mean when you say a stock is a "growth" stock?
  26. What do you mean when you say a stock is a "value" stock?
  27. I looked up the NTA figure for a company in two sources and the figure shown was significantly different. Which is right?
  28. I have found a company that meets all the "margin of safety" tests, except that it has a debt to equity ratio of 220%. How should I deal with it?
  29. Why are the Industrials PE and Dividend Yield figures no longer published in Shares magazine?
  30. Why are the PE and Dividend Yield figures in Shares Magazine so different to those in the Australian Financial Review?
  31. Is the PEG ratio better than the PE ratio in your approach?
  32. Is it possible to obtain monthly charts of Australian stocks with the earnings of the company graphed on it as a line?
  33. I attended some excellent talks at the ASX by James Waggett on Fundamental analysis. Do you know where I can get the text of his talks from?
  34. With respect to fundamentals of a company in short which are the most important to look at when assessing a company's viability? Could I also ask where is the best place to find such information?
  35. Where can I download PE, NTA and Dividend Yield?
  36. How you do the value scan of fundamental data manually?
  37. Where can I get the data to do the fundamental scan you describe in your articles and videotapes?
  38. Do you know of data vendors for fundamentals?
  39. Where on the Internet can I source net tangible assets (NTA) figures for stocks?
  40. Where do I find the market average PE ratio and Dividend Yield in the Australian Financial Review?
  41. Concerning your Research Report No 1 Combining Fundamental and Technical Analysis (No longer published, but now incorporated in my Seminar Notes under Stock Selection - Colin): There exists a plethora of textbooks on the practice and application of fundamental analysis and a huge amount of data, much being available from the internet, on every listed company in the world and so by now one would have thought that there has been ample time for research to have been completed, with the results being already in the public domain. Perhaps this does exist, but not for the Australian market?
  42. Can you please tell me what are some of the good and easy to use fundamental software on the market at affordable prices. I am using MetaStock for technical analysis, but want to combine with fundamentals.