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  1. I have started learning, but get confused because there are so many things to learn. Am I on the right track?
  2. What education and training do you recommend for a beginning trader?
  3. I have trouble remembering everything in FIN231 Technical Analysis (previously E114).  Can you suggest a way?
  4. As a beginner, should I start with FIN 231 Technical Analysis at Kaplan, or your book Building Wealth in the Stock Market?
  5. I am keen to get started trading. I prefer technical analysis because I don't have the time to sift through company reports etc. I am paper trading. What are the best sources of education - mainly free as I have no money now?
  6. Is it possible to get a synopsis of FIN231 Technical Analysis and Short Course 9063 Specialised Techniques in Technical Analysis?
  7. Which are the best of the recommended readings for FIN231 Technical Analysis at the SIA?
  8. I work full-time. What is the ideal time per week to set aside to study FIN231 and Short Course 9063?
  9. Is it possible to do the FIN231 subject online? I live in New Zealand.
  10. Do I need to study the whole of the Master of Applied Finance at Kaplan, or are FIN231 and Short Course 9063 enough?
  11. Does the Australian Technical Analysts Association (ATAA)  or Kaplan run the courses FIN231 Technical Analysis and Short Course 9063 Specialised Techniques in Technical Analysis?