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  1. Why have you increased you holdings in the three LICs?
  2. My question is about passive versus active investing. You are now investing in LICs and ETFs as well as individual stocks; is this because you believe that passive investing will result in the same or better returns than active investing or have you changed your portfolio makeup for personal reasons?
  3. What are the three main approaches to investment used by professional investors?
  4. Should we have two portfolios: a investment (long-term-buy-and-hold income producing) portfolio and a trading (short term) portfolio?
  5. Do you think listed income securities are a suitable vehicle for cash holdings in a bear market?
  6. If I have $2 million in 10 large companies and they all hit their stop-losses at once, would I not affect the market if I sold them all at once?
  7. Our managed fund investments are intended for our retirement. Can recent events (early March 2001) over-ride our original intentions?
  8. Has the time arrived (Early March 2001) to be different from the mob and stand aside, ignoring my fund manager's advice?