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  1. Weinstein specifies that Price/Dividend ratios of 14 to 17% (grossed up dividend yields of 5.88-7.14%) show uncommon bargains, whereas 26-30 (3.33-3.85%) show danger. Can these be applied to Australia?
  2. How do changes in share price affect Dividend Yield?
  3. How do interest rates and Dividend Yields relate to each other?
  4. What is the Dividend Yield (DY)?
  5. How is a "low" PE ratio and a "high" dividend yield defined?
  6. Where do I get the data to update the monthly PE and Dividend Yield data file I downloaded from your website?
  7. I was thinking about a comment during the weekend seminar regarding the lower dividend yields in the last few years being due to the market pricing in the franking benefits. Does this mean that the average PE's may have risen by a commensurate amount over the same period because the shares are trading at a higher price?
  8. How can I create a chart from the Insight Trader data files on the Data Files page of the free website?
  9. A friend gave up dairy farming to invest in shares, buying low PE and high dividend yield stocks. I also bought some, but my choices did not perform. Will your seminar tell me what I was doing wrong?
  10. I want to use the "Dogs of the Dow" 10 high yeilding leaders method of stock selection. Should I apply technical analysis at least for the selection process and for selling a stock if the chart looks drastically wrong?