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  1. Does data adjusted for dividends affect technical analysis?
  2. Why don't data vendors adjust prices for dividends?
  3. If a stock goes ex-dividend, do you give some tolerance to its stop loss point?
  4. What is the ex-dividend day?
  5. When does a share trade ex-dividend?
  6. When am I entitled to the dividend if I buy a share?
  7. What do you do if a company is constantly paying out more in dividends than they are earning?
  8. What are Interim and Final Dividends?
  9. Where can I obtain a list of dates that dividends are paid?
  10. When does a company decide which shareholders get a dividend?
  11. Is there a way to access ex dividend dates for companies without having to access each one separately?
  12. How long do I have to hold a share to get the dividend?
  13. If a stock gives a sell signal, should I wait until the dividend is paid before selling?
  14. Is there a simple formula to calculate the grossed up dividend yield?
  15. When am I entitled to a dividend when I sell a share?
  16. When am I entitled to a dividend when I buy a share?
  17. The PE ratio is often said to be the number of times you pay for earnings. But you cannot spend earnings. Wouldn't price to dividend be better?
  18. If a share is sold for $39.00, less than 90 days after purchase, will the return to an investor be greater if he bought cum an 80c dividend at $35.00 or on the ex dividend date for $34.20?
  19. Where can I find payment and book closing dates for dividends?
  20. Should the Qantas chart have been adjusted for the dividend on 9/11/00, which was about 10% of the price?
  21. When does a shareholder become entitled to a dividend?
  22. Why has my data vendor adjusted the back data for the Qantas special dividend - I thought that no adjustment should be made for dividends?
  23. What is dividend per share (DPS)?