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  1. When is a divergence completed?
  2. Is it a clear divergence?
  3. Should I buy a stock if the market is showing a bearish divergence?
  4. What does it mean if several stocks in strong downtrends are showing three or more divergences on MACD?
  5. Can the divergence rule on the advance decline line apply if the market just goes up without making peaks and troughs?
  6. Over what length of period can you apply the divergence principle to the advance decline line and the index?
  7. Where can I find a book that explains what a triple divergence is?
  8. I am a little confused regarding where to place bearish/bullish divergence lines when comparing a price chart and an oscillator chart. When should the lines be shown on charts touching price peaks and on the oscillator touching oscillator peaks? And when should they be shown on the chart touching price troughs and oscillator troughs?