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  1. Do you know of a good book on derivatives?
  2. Are Contracts for Difference suitable for a new trader with limited capital?
  3. What is your opinion on Contracts for Difference (CFDs)?
  4. Do you use puts to trade a falling market?
  5. Do you agree with Warren Buffett that derivatives are a potential time bomb?
  6. What options trading courses do you recommend?
  7. Is it not possible to increase returns by margin lending and further spicing them by using derivatives?
  8. Are you familiar with the Three Bears Option Trading Programme and have you had any feedback about it?
  9. Does the Coppock indicator work on futures markets?
  10. Have you had any experience in using put/call ratios to buy and sell shares?
  11. If trading in options and other derivatives are so good, why do fund manager's even bother investing in shares (excluding voting rights and dividends)?
  12. How can you calculate support and resistance when a new futures contract starts trading?
  13. Can you recommend a course that includes derivatives trading, say on LME, COMEX or Chicago?
  14. Nick Radge mentioned what he thought were good books on options trading at a Sydney ATAA meeting. Do you know what they were?
  15. Why do people trade the QQQ symbol on the NASDAQ?
  16. Is there a good book on trading options for a beginner?
  17. Do you run any seminars on warrants?