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  1. Does data adjusted for dividends affect technical analysis?
  2. Where do you source the fundamental data used in your Stock Investment Journals?
  3. Do you think joining Day Trader HQ in Perth WA ($1760), using MetaStock is good value?
  4. Why are there differences between sources for advances and declines data?
  5. Does Almax provide Advance Decline data for Dow and New York Stock Exchange?
  6. In changing from Almax to Vestdata (previously Dial & Chart), what needs to be done about the different codes?
  7. Do you see anything wrong with using the Share Tables in Shares Magazine or the weekly CSV formatted data for PE ratio scans?
  8. Is there a website providing New Highs - New Lows and Volume data for the Australian market?
  9. When I imported one of your ASCII files into Excel, the first column looks wrong. Why?
  10. Where can I obtain a list of dates that dividends are paid?
  11. How do I plot the Insight Trader data files from your web site?
  12. How can I get the ASCII from the Data Files page into an Excel Spreadsheet?
  13. Now nimemsn are charging for historical financials, is there another free site?
  14. What source do you use for PE ratios and do you use historical or prospective data?
  15. Is there a code for the Advance-Decline data, or how can I get it?
  16. My Broker's website only shows fundamental data for 4 years. Where can I get 10 years of Earnings Per Share (EPS) data?
  17. How can I update the Advance Decline Insight Trader files myself.
  18. Is there a way to access ex dividend dates for companies without having to access each one separately?
  19. Where on the Internet can I get the data to update your Coppock indicator spreadsheets?
  20. Why is there a difference between the Rolling Year Records (52-Week New Highs or Lows) shown in the Australian Financial Review and the scan in Insight Trader?
  21. Where can I get historical data for the ASX on CD ROM suitable for analysis in Excel?
  22. Where on the Ninemsn Finance site can I find the 10 years historical data?
  23. I looked up the NTA figure for a company in two sources and the figure shown was significantly different. Which is right?
  24. Where can I find the ten-year bond rate?
  25. How can an individual get time with the management of a company?
  26. Where can I find a reliable PE ratio for a stock?
  27. I use fundamental information from the Australian Financial Review and Aspect Financial through Comsec, but there are differences. Which is most reliable?
  28. Where can I find payment and book closing dates for dividends?
  29. Where can I get PE ratio data consistent with Shares magazine's series?
  30. Why are the Industrials PE and Dividend Yield figures no longer published in Shares magazine?
  31. Why are the PE and Dividend Yield figures in Shares Magazine so different to those in the Australian Financial Review?
  32. Is it possible to obtain monthly charts of Australian stocks with the earnings of the company graphed on it as a line?
  33. Is there an internet site where I can put Relative Strength Index (RSI) on charts of various stocks?
  34. Where can I download PE, NTA and Dividend Yield?
  35. I read in ATAA Journal that some data are padded but I do not know which is better or does is really matter much?
  36. Where can I get ASX index data for before 1980?
  37. Where can I source the historical PE ratio and dividend yield for individual stocks?
  38. Where do I get the data to update the monthly PE and Dividend Yield data file I downloaded from your website?
  39. How you do the value scan of fundamental data manually?
  40. Where can I get the data to do the fundamental scan you describe in your articles and videotapes?
  41. Where can I source volume and RSI for the Dow and Nasdaq on the Internet?
  42. Where on the Internet can I source net tangible assets (NTA) figures for stocks?
  43. Where do I find the market average PE ratio and Dividend Yield in the Australian Financial Review?
  44. Where do I find the 52-week new highs and new lows in the Australian Financial Review?
  45. Why has my data vendor adjusted the back data for the Qantas special dividend - I thought that no adjustment should be made for dividends?
  46. Can you suggest a data vendor supplying ASX data in Insight Trader format?
  47. Where can I can a CD of historical share data for free or the best price?
  48. Do you know, or do you know someone who would know, the best source of regular fundamental analysis? Would it be Rivkin; or Huntley; or someone else?
  49. Where can I get data for the All Ordinaries Index, Advance- Decline line, sector indexes, Dow Jones Industrial Average, S&P500, Nasdaq and stock beta?
  50. Where I can find breadth data like the advances and declines for the Australian All Ordinaries and sector indexes?
  51. Do you know a US broker with a branch in Australia [Brisbane] providing fundamental data and charts of US stocks?
  52. Almax provide the Advance-Decline Lines for the All Ordinaries as well as the subsections of mining, industrials and resources. Have you seen these charts?
  53. Is there any web site that gives the additions, removals and name changes for ASX stocks?