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  1. How might climate change be factored into an investment plan?
  2. What is your plan if the present (8 January 2016) sideways pattern lows are broken?
  3. Is there any private investor that you know of who is using your method that I could network with?
  4. Why have Listed Investment Companies been in your portfolio recently?
  5. Why is taxation not mentionedin your investment plan?
  6. At the end of a bull market, why sell the stocks with the least gain first?
  7. I see Ansell as a stock ready to buy, but how would your approach be to adding this stock to a portfolio?.  
  8. Do you have any suggestions regarding transition arrangements from a buy-and-hold approach to an active investing approach?
  9. I have read many articles that refer to investment plans, but have yet to see an example of one. I don't have a investment plan, but I am not sure where to start. Can you help?