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  1. Is the ATAA DipTa appropriate for the private investor aiming at long term accumulation?
  2. As a beginner, should I start with FIN 231 Technical Analysis at Kaplan, or your book Building Wealth in the Stock Market?
  3. I am keen to get started trading. I prefer technical analysis because I don't have the time to sift through company reports etc. I am paper trading. What are the best sources of education - mainly free as I have no money now?
  4. What is the Diploma in Technical Analysis offered by the ATAA?
  5. What is the difference between Van Tharp's Peak Performance Course and his book Trade Your Way to Financial Freedom?
  6. In a 1998 article you described Van Tharp's Peak Performance Course as "the best of them all". Are you still of this opinion?
  7. Can you recommend a course that includes derivatives trading, say on LME, COMEX or Chicago?
  8. Do you run any seminars on warrants?