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  1. Do you think the most recent Coppock signal on the KLSE is deep enough?
  2. Is there a way to predict the index value that will generate a Coppock signal in a given month?
  3. Does the Coppock indicator falling below zero mean we are heading into a bear market (January 2016)?
  4. Your Research Report No 2 included a write-up on the Coppock Indicator. Is it still available?
  5. Where can I get free charts of the Coppock indicator for ASX stocks?
  6. Do you have a view on the significance of the Coppock turning up without having first been in negative territory?
  7. How do I convert the Coppock spreadsheet from the Data Files page of your web site into a chart?
  8. If you use Metastock software, how do you calculate Coppock indicator on the software?
  9. Do you have a view on the large negative divergence on the Dow Jones Industrial Average Coppock indicator in the run up to the 1999/2000 top?
  10. Is there a website where I can see the Coppock indicator for Australia and the US?
  11. Am I right in saying that the Coppock indicator is a form of body language for the markets? Not always right, but it does give you a good hint?
  12. Can I chart the Coppock Indicator from the spreadsheet on your web site?
  13. Does Bourse software include the Coppock indicator, or how can I get to use it?
  14. Have the Coppock Indicators for the S&P500 and ASX All Ordinaries Indexes turned up at April 2003?
  15. Where on the Internet can I get the data to update your Coppock indicator spreadsheets?
  16. The Coppock on the DJIA and S&P 500 gave a false signal for the beginning of a bull market at the start of 2002. True or false?
  17. Is it correct that Coppock Indicator signals near the zero line are not as powerful as signals deep in negative values?
  18. Some published Coppock indicator charts vary from Insight Trader. Which is correct?
  19. What is the formula for your "Poor Man's Coppock"?
  20. Is the Coppock Indicator best suited for long-term investors?
  21. Should the Coppock be used on weekly charts?
  22. Can the Coppock indicator be used for stocks as well as indices?
  23. Is it correct that the Coppock Indicator is another form of a Momentum Oscillator which is used to detect trends?
  24. What periods do you recommend for the Coppock indicator?
  25. Is the Coppock indicator applicable to the S&P 500 index as well as the Dow?
  26. Does the Coppock indicator work on futures markets?
  27. What does it mean when (December 2001) the Coppock is falling and the advance decline line is rising? 
  28. On your Coppock spreadsheet, why do you divide column P by 10 to get Column Q?
  29. The Coppock indicator only seems to dip below zero every 10 years or so. What about when it turns up from above zero?
  30. Do you still feel that the Dow monthly Coppock indicator will signal the probable start of the new bull market in the US?
  31. Can the information on the Coppock spreadsheet be set up into a chart so it gives a more visual representation of what the market is doing?
  32. I'm not sure how to actually chart the Coppock Indicator data I got from your page. Any ideas?
  33. Do you use a monthly Coppock indicator? Also, I assume you will only act on a signal below zero?
  34. I found that my Coppock seemed to cross the zero line slightly different to when yours did. Any idea why?
  35. Have you written anything on how to use Technical Analysis to detect the bottom of the market?
  36. We now(April 2001) have a signal on the Dow Jones Industrial Average, but not the S&P500 or the Nasdaq. What does that mean?
  37. A site I found claims Coppock gave a buy signal on the DJIA in February 2001. But your spreadsheet does not show a signal. Why?
  38. Is the Coppock Indicator applicable to individual stocks and specialist sector indexes, or just to Market Indexes?
  39. Brian Maber, a UK chartist of some repute, says that if the Dow ends Jan 2001 above 10,650, then the Coppock will signal a buy. Do you agree?
  40. The Coppock is the most accurate indicator I have seen for a buy signal. However what is the most accurate indicator for a sell signal please?
  41. Is it correct that Coppock used the monthly close, rather than an monthly average like Investors Chronicle Magazine?