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  1. Yahoo breadth data is different to other sources. Who can I trust?
  2. Do you publish the daily advances & declines?
  3. Where does the "steadies" category fit into the New Highs - New Lows indicator?
  4. Why are there differences between sources for advances and declines data?
  5. Does Almax provide Advance Decline data for Dow and New York Stock Exchange?
  6. Is there a website where I can see the Advance-Decline line for Australia and the US?
  7. Where can I find ASX advances and declines on the Internet?
  8. Notwithstanding its downward bias, what is the big downward slope on the Advance-Decline line telling us?
  9. Is there a code for the Advance-Decline data, or how can I get it?
  10. How can the Advance-Decline line be superimposed on an index chart in Insight Trader?
  11. How can I update the Advance Decline Insight Trader files myself.
  12. I only take the weekend AFR, is a weekly advance-decline line OK?
  13. Would it be reasonable to say that the advance-decline line has actually been in a bear market since late 1987? 
  14. Can the divergence rule on the advance decline line apply if the market just goes up without making peaks and troughs?
  15. Over what length of period can you apply the divergence principle to the advance decline line and the index?
  16. Do you know of software that will plot the advance decline line at the bottom of the screen?
  17. How reliable is the Advance-Decline indicator?
  18. Where can I see the Advance-Decline line tracked against the All Ordinaries Index for the last five years?
  19. What does it mean when (December 2001) the Coppock is falling and the advance decline line is rising? 
  20. What are the filter rules for Insight Trader systems module to calculate the ASX Advances and Declines?
  21. Where I can find breadth data like the advances and declines for the Australian All Ordinaries and sector indexes?
  22. Almax provide the Advance-Decline Lines for the All Ordinaries as well as the subsections of mining, industrials and resources. Have you seen these charts?
  23. How much weight would you attribute to the Weinstein Momentum Index? Would you trade without reviewing it?
  24. How do I set up an advance-decline line for an index in Metastock v6.52?
  25. I use Insight Trader. If the data in not available for the Advance-Decline Line what do you put in each field?