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  1. Is there a simple way to decide which stock to buy before the price moves to far?
  2. To buy troughs in a trend, is MACD a useful indicator for an investor?
  3. With three moving averages, exactly when is the signal given on the chart?
  4. In your June 2002 Shares article on MACD, you said it was a powerful exit indicator. Can't it also be used for entries or at least to monitor developing opportunities?
  5. I read your recent article (Shares August 2002) in which you described the candlestick reversal patterns "Hammer" and "Hanging Man". Are they buy and sell signals respectively?
  6. Questions on the Trendlines column in Shares magazine December 2001 (complex question)
  7. I have read Alexander Elder's book Trading for a living with great interest. I notice that he suggests that shares should be bought around FAIR VALUE at between the 22 and 30 day SMA. I think that you are also an advocate of this method. Most Buy signals are produced by a stock breaking out of a range or continuing a trend. The problem is that most of the time this then greatly exceeds the 22 day SMA in price. Does one: 1. Ignore fair value and bid the market price or 2. Does one bid the 22 day price and hope for the best that a retracement will allow one to pick up the shares?
  8. What is your buy order is usually based on?. Today (20 July 2001)I am actually very doubtful on executing buy order for Pasminco Ltd, the stocks for this company have broken out my resistance trend line but I am quite worried that Pasminco might be insolvent. In this case, what is your opinion for Pasminco, should I buy the stocks once the breakout occurs or I should also considering on its fundamental analysis as well?
  9. Can you direct me to publications which set out simple buy and sell signals and indicators that crosscheck them?