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  1. Should I consider something like Insight Trader or is Commsec's charting enough?
  2.  Looking through your web site i found your Portfolio. Why don't you put a watch list as well?
  3. Is there a website where I can see the Coppock indicator for Australia and the US?
  4. Is there a website where I can see the Advance-Decline line for Australia and the US?
  5. Where can I find ASX advances and declines on the Internet?
  6. Is there a website providing New Highs - New Lows and Volume data for the Australian market?
  7. Do you know of any websites or software that can chart Australian managed funds data, especially with multiple moving averages?
  8. What happened to, which was a great free site for company financials?
  9. How do I plot the Insight Trader data files from your web site?
  10. Now nimemsn are charging for historical financials, is there another free site?
  11. What is the best book to start to learn fundamental Analysis?
  12. Where can I buy Mark Douglas' book Trading in the Zone?
  13. Where can I get Shares Charting Guide No 1?
  14. My Broker's website only shows fundamental data for 4 years. Where can I get 10 years of Earnings Per Share (EPS) data?
  15. Is there a way to access ex dividend dates for companies without having to access each one separately?
  16. Where on the Internet can I get the data to update your Coppock indicator spreadsheets?
  17. What do you think of the Incredible Charts website?
  18. Why can't you publish your market comment columns immediately on your subscription web site, instead of leaving them until three months after publication?
  19. What do I get on your subscription web site?
  20. With the demise of Shares Weekly, what will be published on your subscription web site?
  21. In your January 2003 Shares magazine article Swing with the Trends, on Pivot Point reversals, you mention other reversal patterns. Where can I learn about them?
  22. Where can I find the ten-year bond rate?
  23. Do you know a website where I can access metal prices?
  24. Is there a website with the Australian sector indices?
  25. Where can I see a chart of Gold prices free on the Internet?
  26. Is it possible to obtain monthly charts of Australian stocks with the earnings of the company graphed on it as a line?
  27. Where can read informed, current technical analysis comment on shares?
  28. Where can I source the historical PE ratio and dividend yield for individual stocks?
  29. Please recommend a basic starting book on charting?
  30. Where can I get the data to do the fundamental scan you describe in your articles and videotapes?
  31. Is there a website providing formulas in Excel format for technical analysis indicators?
  32. Where can I source volume and RSI for the Dow and Nasdaq on the Internet?
  33. Do you know of data vendors for fundamentals?
  34. Where on the Internet can I source net tangible assets (NTA) figures for stocks?
  35. I have toyed with Ichimoku Kinko Hyo charts but cant really figure out how to interpret them. I was wondering if you know of any texts / websites that might provide some guidance?
  36. Do you offer a one-on-one coaching service? If so, what are your fees and where are you located?
  37. Have you written anything on how to use Technical Analysis to detect the bottom of the market?
  38. Can you recommend any books or sites on day trading?
  39. Where can I get data for the All Ordinaries Index, Advance- Decline line, sector indexes, Dow Jones Industrial Average, S&P500, Nasdaq and stock beta?
  40. Is there any website where you can get charts with a moving average?
  41. Is there any web site that gives the additions, removals and name changes for ASX stocks?