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  1. How important is volume in breakouts?
  2. Should I avoid thinly traded stocks and what daily volume would you regard as a minimum?
  3. When there is a breakout from a trading range, does there have to be an increase in volume?
  4. When looking for value stocks, what do you look at being the minimum volume normally traded per week or month, before even considering to trade the particular stock?
  5. I've come across charts where PRICE and OBV continue to rise in an uptrend but at the same time volume is falling steadily.Why is this? Also which is more reliable - OBV or VOLUME?
  6. Where can I source volume and RSI for the Dow and Nasdaq on the Internet?
  7. Which trading situations or styles lend themselves better to point and figure charts and does one need to track volume separately when using them?
  8. Is it usual for a growth stock to lose volume and excitement in a congestion phase?