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  1. For her clustering concept, Dawn Bolton-Smith uses "harmonic" numbers 5, 15 and 30. Do they work OK?
  2. With three moving averages, exactly when is the signal given on the chart?
  3. How do you define a cluster when using a Triple Moving Average? Is there any minimum time period? Also is there a percentage of the price band that the lines must stay in or is it just when then lines are near each other?
  4. In Shares magazine October 2000 you recommend the DBS 5 15 30 SMA for use on weekly charts, but the rest of the article describes entries and exits on daily charts. Please can you clarify?
  5. Do you have any written material, book references or the like on Triple Moving Averages and if so could you please list?
  6. What is "even stacking", which Dawn Bolton-Smith talks about in the context of triple moving averages?
  7. With the three moving averages, you mention those used by Dawn Bolton Smith. Which exponential averages have given you the line of best fit and therefore which do you use?