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  1. What is the optimum number of trades? (question answered Dr Alexander Elder)
  2. Do you agree with trying to learn some  form of short term trading?
  3. Canyou advise me on starting out as a trader?
  4. I am interested in learning about Technical Analysis with the view to using it to trade shares. If you were starting out to learn technical analysis, which method would you adopt?
  5. What is the best education in Australia for a share trader?
  6. How can I assess if I am suited to share trading as a full -time or part-time job?
  7. What do you think of buying a stock as a long term core investment, but trading in and out of it as well on a short-term basis?
  8. How much experience do you think I should have before trading my own account full time?
  9. Do you talk to independent analysts such as your colleague Trevor Hoey at Shares magazine?
  10. I am keen to get started trading. I prefer technical analysis because I don't have the time to sift through company reports etc. I am paper trading. What are the best sources of education - mainly free as I have no money now?
  11. In Mark Douglas' words, I am 'living by the results of the last trade'. I do not take buy signals after losses and then force winners by taking profits too soon. Can you suggest anything?
  12. I have studied the SIA technical analysis subjects, but cannot decide on a system and technique. What should I do?
  13. What does overtrading mean?
  14. What is this "edge" that a trader should have?
  15. If it takes 5-10 years to become a proficient trader, what is one to do in the meantime?
  16. Do you agree with Dr Elder that beginners should learn swing trading before they try trend trading?
  17. I already know a lot about the psychology of markets and trading. How long will it take me to learn to trade successfully?
  18. What is the biggest challenge facing traders and investors at the moment (April 2002)?
  19. What is the worst piece of advice you were ever given in relation to trading?
  20. What was the worst trading/investment decision in your career?
  21. What was the best trading/investment decision in your career?
  22. What are the three most important factors in being a successful trader?
  23. I have approx $90 000 available for trading. How should I go about learning to trade?
  24. What are the basic factors that indicate whether I am a share trader or an investor?
  25. I would like to send my congratulations on a great newsletter. I have been receiving it for a couple of months now and I find it very informative. In regards to trading at home I can see the pitfalls in the so called loneliness of it all, however I find it hard to get lonely, there is too much to actually get done in the day.
  26. I have been trading shares 10 years and futures for about 4 years. When I started in the futures market I lost a lot of money listening to the broker so I stopped trading and built my own methods on trading the futures. Now I have this mental problem on being able to push the buttons thinking maybe this is the wrong one take the next so on so on.
  27. I have a question that I hope you might answer for me. Biota Holdings price has fallen faster than a speeding bullet with no support insight except for zero dollars. I know that when the price was around $4.40 there was a future earnings downgrade that started the slide. ( Not enough people catching the flu in the northern hemisphere.) My question is where is the pressure coming from to push the price down? I could not in my worst thoughts imagined that it would go so low.
  28. Could you please look at the chart for Hardman-HDR an explain what if anything I did wrong. I bought at 10:25 for 73c and sold half an hour latter for 67. At the close last night it was over 80c. My questions are these (1) Did I buy at the wrong time? (2) Did I sell too early (these questions are asked because in hindsight, that morning was a feeding frenzy). (3) Was what happened something that a trader could not prepare for: The market was very strong. If I can understand what happened and why, learning the skills to be able to control my financial future is one step closer, to becoming a reality.
  29. Do you offer a one-on-one coaching service? If so, what are your fees and where are you located?
  30. What is the minimum one needs to spend on end-of-day trading?
  31. If I pass the study guide for Dr Elder's "Trading for a Living" will I be ready to start trading, or do I need more knowledge?
  32. How much understanding of yourself do you need, to know if trading suits your personality, temperament, etc.
  33. Of the three Ms of trading, I am having difficulty with "Mind", because I am watching real time data and get caught up in the dynamics of the market, rather than being detached. How can I improve my discipline?
  34. I have left it very late to try to accumulate enough money for my retirement. Is share trading a way to make up for lost time?