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  1. Will technical analysis be less effective for share trading as more people begin using it?
  2. Chris Tate indicates his testing shows that indicators only have 50% reliability at best. Does this mean there is no point to technical analysis?
  3. Can technical analysis be used for the value investment style and are there jobs using it for that purpose?
  4. Please recommend a basic starting book on charting?
  5. How can I use technical analysis to predict events like Sept 11?
  6. What is the best, preferably Australian, book on technical analysis?
  7. Could you please recommend a simple and comprehensive book on technical analysis?
  8. In your article "Technical Analysis - Basic Assumptions" November 1997, are you playing down the importance of historical trends/ patterns in predicting future trends/ patterns?
  9. Your statements that " 9 out of 10 people lose" and that "It takes 5 to 10 years to become a good trader" contradict the idea that trading stocks with technical analysis is the best way to make capital gains. If I learn correctly, could I become a successful trader within 12 months?