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  1. If there are no clear support levels on a daily bar chart, at what point do you switch to Parabolic stops?
  2. If there are no clear support levels in a weekly chart, do you switch to a daily chart or use Parabolic stops?
  3. In Shares Charting Guide 2002, the weekly bar chart 9 shows an uptrend with no clear support levels. Do you switch to a daily chart?
  4. Could you please put support and resistance lines on charts in Shares and Shares Weekly?
  5. If we adjust historical data for new issues etc, won
  6. What time frame (weekly/daily) should be used to establish the support/resistance points on a chart and does that depend on the type of trader (short/medium/long term)?. Would the support/resistance levels formed on a daily basis be valid for the longer time frame trader?
  7. Are support and resistance levels on index charts valid?
  8. How can you calculate support and resistance when a new futures contract starts trading?
  9. How do you set your stop-loss?