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  1. Do you have more than one stockbroker in case your broker fails?  
  2. How can I manage the order in which I sell parcels of a stock for tax purposes?
  3. Is there a stockbroker that accepts stop orders for shares?
  4. Do you use a broker who takes stop loss orders?
  5. Why don't Australian brokers accept stop-loss orders?
  6. Can you recommend a broker who uses the correct technical analysis tools to give investment/trading advice?
  7. Am I sensible or paranoid in my reluctance to use a particular broker because of their lack of independence?
  8. Do you know of brokers who do short selling with a stop-loss?
  9. Can you suggest an Internet broker or CHEAP full service broker who provides a buy/sell on stop service for a trader whose time frame is weeks to months?
  10. I have been trading shares 10 years and futures for about 4 years. When I started in the futures market I lost a lot of money listening to the broker so I stopped trading and built my own methods on trading the futures. Now I have this mental problem on being able to push the buttons thinking maybe this is the wrong one take the next so on so on.
  11. Is online broker (name withheld) reputable and are trading cash accounts they open for clients at (name withheld) bank safe?
  12. Do you use Insight Trader? If so, is it suitable for Exchange Traded Options trading?
  13. Are brokers and magazines biased because they also have public company clients?
  14. Do you know a US broker with a branch in Australia [Brisbane] providing fundamental data and charts of US stocks?
  15. Do you prefer the use of a full service broker or a discount broker?
  16. I see no reason to use a full service broker once a framework is established for trading, except for the execution of short sales. Can you see other trading reasons to employ a full service broker? For instance do you think their yearly forecasts are useful?