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  1.  Is it worth paying for a computerised system?
  2. Is there a tool that will let me find shares that meets a certain criteria e.g. any that achieved price growth over the last 3 months of 30% or more?
  3. I have heard that Insight Trader charting software is not very user friendly and takes a while to learn. Should I consider it or look for something else?
  4. Is there any charting/trading software for Apple/Mac?
  5. What do I need in Insight Trader to use your methods?
  6. For a beginner, what is the best charting/TA software?
  7. What are the filter rules for the Insight Trader systems module to calculate the daily New Highs & New Lows?
  8. Should a beginner buy MetaStock, Insight Trader or something else?
  9. For calculating the New Highs - New Lows in Insight Trader, why do you use 260 days?
  10. Is there charting software which will let me find shares that meets a certain criteria?
  11. What is your opinion of Star Trader trading software?
  12. Which would you favour for fundamental stock selection between StockDoctor and Conscious Investor?
  13. What software packages are available that do both charting and fundamentals well, other than Sherpa?
  14. Does Bourse software include the Coppock indicator, or how can I get to use it?
  15. To use your methods, should I invest in charting and filtering software right from the start?
  16. How do you rate StockDoctor software?
  17. What do you think of the Incredible Charts website?
  18. What software should a beginner buy to start learning to trade?
  19. Is there software that can do crunch the numbers for your Margin of Safety approach in Shares Charting Guide 2002?
  20. What do you think of TradeStation software and is it worth the cost compared to Insight Trader?
  21. Are you familiar with the Three Bears Option Trading Programme and have you had any feedback about it?
  22. Is there a second hand market in charting software?
  23. What charting software and data supplier is most appropriate for E114?
  24. Can you suggest any books which will help me write my own custom charting software?
  25. Is there an internet site where I can put Relative Strength Index (RSI) on charts of various stocks?
  26. With respect to fundamentals of a company in short which are the most important to look at when assessing a company's viability? Could I also ask where is the best place to find such information?
  27. Where can I get the data to do the fundamental scan you describe in your articles and videotapes?
  28. I am using point and figure charts and I was wondering if you have heard of or use the P&F charting advertised by Archer Analysis? It filters out stocks for double bottoms/tops amongst others.
  29. Can you please tell me what are some of the good and easy to use fundamental software on the market at affordable prices. I am using MetaStock for technical analysis, but want to combine with fundamentals.
  30. What are the filter rules for Insight Trader systems module to calculate the ASX Advances and Declines?
  31. Is Insight Trader good enough for system testing, or would other software be better?
  32. Concerning Metastock or Omnitrader, do you have assessments of these trading systems?
  33. Please help me to decide what software to buy. Minimum number of indicators, etc.