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  1. What minimum amount of capital do I need to start trading? Would $10,000 be too little? I have estimated that I could get 7 to 8 positions using up to 2% of my trading capital as my maximum position, placed in one order. This would limit the position size to approx. $1200.00, brokerage approx. $20.00 with Commsec.
  2. How would you make a trading plan for a very small amount of money? I have set aside $5,000 to trade (and learn) with. Your trading plan, formulas and equations are for much larger amounts. I am watching stocks up to about $6 and have had some successful paper trades but have not formed a clear trading plan as yet.
  3. I just wanted to thankyou for a very rewarding weekend at your seminar. I started off wondering if I would understand any of it but ended up coming with a head and notebook full of useful information. I can already see my first problem - having only $15,000 in equity if I apply your 6% equity rule and 1% stop loss rule I am going to have to buy small parcels and sell them at almost the smallest fall. Do you have any ideas in this regard?
  4. In your seminar, I liked the idea of splitting the entry points into a trade as it feels less risky than putting the whole 6% of capital on the first trade which has been my approach up till now. I was wondering if the increased cost of brokerage makes it too costly, although I guess by the time the 2nd and 3rd trade have been made the upward trend of the share will have been confirmed which probably off-sets the extra brokerage?