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  1. I sold Commonwealth Bank short,but its price keeps rising. Am I doing the right thing?
  2. I hear it is possible to rent shares? Is renting shares a new method of trading or just a different term? 
  3. What happens if I am short a stock that goes into receivership?
  4. My broker has a minimum of $7,000-8,000 trade size plus 1% brokerage plus $40 location fee on short sales. I have only $20,000, so it upsets my money management. Can you suggest an alternative?
  5. Why do you not short the market yourself?
  6. Why is it not possible to sell short on the Australian Stock market?
  7. Is it true that most successful technical analysts only trade in an uptrend or do they also trade in a downtrend by short selling?
  8. Do you know of brokers who do short selling with a stop-loss?