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  1. Is there a role for intraday data in trading decisions?
  2. In Newsletter 34 you asked a potential short term trader for 15%pa return over two years. If you only trade the long side, how can you do this?
  3. What do you mean by short term trading?
  4. Could you recommend some books on day trading?
  5. Could you please tell me the best way to daytrade the stock market and make +/- 10-15% on each trade after brokerage?
  6. I want to daytrade the current volatile markets to make money for my super fund. How much capital do I need?
  7. I have been reading with interest your article about Short-Term Trend Analysis in the May-June 1999 edition of the Your Trading Edge magazine. You use a daily chart to illustrate your technique, however can you please tell me if it can be applied with any reliability to intraday five-minute charts?
  8. Could you please look at the chart for Hardman-HDR an explain what if anything I did wrong. I bought at 10:25 for 73c and sold half an hour latter for 67. At the close last night it was over 80c. My questions are these (1) Did I buy at the wrong time? (2) Did I sell too early (these questions are asked because in hindsight, that morning was a feeding frenzy). (3) Was what happened something that a trader could not prepare for: The market was very strong. If I can understand what happened and why, learning the skills to be able to control my financial future is one step closer, to becoming a reality.
  9. Can you recommend any books or sites on day trading?