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  1. To follow one of your suggestions regarding sector rotation, I would like to construct a saved chart arrangement in Insight Trader of all of the GICS indices, to show the relative strength of each index.
  2. How can I analyse the relative strength of stocks in a large GICS sector like Materials?
  3. I did very well with gold stocks in 2003. To what extent was this due to the strength of that sector versus my following a value approach to stock selection?
  4. I trade small stocks. What relevance are the S&P ASX200 sector indices?
  5. My trading plan only allows me to trade in the direction of the sector trend, however the new GICS sectors are so wide the whole approach seems to be much weaker. What do you think?
  6. In Insight Trader, how can I quickly and easily create charts of all the stocks in an industry sector?
  7. In Insight Trader, how can I compare the relative strength of ASX Industry Sectors?
  8. How can I find the lists of the shares that make up the Australian market indices - All Ordinaries, All Industrials, Alcohol & Tobacco, etc.- and their percentage share of their index?