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  1. Is there an Australian service for the relative strength rating service in How to Make Money in Stocks?
  2. What is the difference between Relative Strength and Relative Strength Index (RSI)?
  3. How can I analyse the relative strength of stocks in a large GICS sector like Materials?
  4. Have you ever used a "RelStrenComp" for stock selection? Are there any benefits? Why do you prefer a hybrid approach?
  5. Which charts would tell me the movement of a stock is independent or related to the movement of the overall market?
  6. How can I know which stocks are going down because of general market sentiment and which ones are going bust?
  7. I have recently subscribed to your web site to review the many articles you have written; I have also found your video an excellent learning tool. In the article Go With the Strength in December 2000 Shares magazine, you said that "A better way to compare a group of stocks is to use the charting software to mathematically re-base each of the relative strength lines to the value 100 a the beginning of the chart. It will then be possible to compare the changes in relative strength between the various stocks, as shown in the Re-Based Relative Strength chart." In Stan Weinstein's Secrets for Profiting in Bull and Bear Markets, the chart examples are Mansfield Charts. These charts are mathematically adjusted so that no matter what price the stock is trading, the same percentage increase/decrease is indicated by the Relative Strength Indicator, so that all stocks may be compared on an equal footing. My question to you is how do you re base the Relative Strength Indicator to achieve this?
  8. In Insight Trader, how can I compare the relative strength of ASX Industry Sectors?
  9. Thanks for your reply about relative strength - I have been doing some searching via Goggle and other engines, and will do some more. Spreadsheets are too cumbersome and the charts are poor in appearance. I wish someone had an add-on to Excel or the like that would permit easy custom charting after downloading data. Do you mind mentioning what software you prefer. I suspect it is your own.
  10. Can you analyse the relative strength charts with the same pattern recognition in technical analysis?