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  1. How far should I should let a stocks price run after I believe it has made a break out?
  2. How important is volume in breakouts?
  3. Part of one of your Ask Colin answers was "My basic approach is to buy breakouts above a broad trading range". What do you mean by breakouts above a broad trading range?
  4. What methods - besides volume - can be used to determine whether a breakout has legs or not?
  5. How wide must a trading range be for a breakout to be significant?
  6. When looking at a breakout from a trading range, how far must the price move outside the range to say it is a breakout?
  7. When there is a breakout from a trading range, does there have to be an increase in volume?
  8. To buy a breakout from a trading range, should I use a limit order or buy at market?
  9. Buying breakouts only seem to have a 40 to 50% success rate. Is there an additional filter that increases the hit rate?
  10. If I place a limit order after a breakout, I often never get a fill. What is the best way to get in after a breakout?
  11. When a breakout is to a price above your upper channel, would you still buy?
  12. I really enjoyed the seminar in Sydney and got heaps out of it. A quick question on your breakout method. We enter a trade on a breakout above resistance... If the breakout is very large and moves far above resistance, would you buy with 1/3 of the position on the next day simply because the entry criteria has been met or would you wait until the second entry criteria (the pullback to resistance) and buy with 2/3 of the position?
  13. Do you enter into the market once you see a breakout of the resistance level or a breakout of the trendline? Which one is more accurate?