Ask Colin

Is there a way to identify rising stocks that have not yet reached a 52 week high?

Although The Australian Financial Review (AFR) publishes the list of stocks making 52-week highs, I am not aware of anyone publishing lists over a shorter period.

I no longer use the AFR list, but screen out the relevant stocks using Insight Trader charting software. For more information about Insight Trader see, or telephone Bernard Chapman on 02 4751 2932. The Systems Module rule for doing this is on my website in the Ask Colin section.

It is a simple matter to change the rule to screen for stocks making new highs for a shorter period. I sometimes use 26-weeks myself. However, you could choose any period you like, or run it for several periods. I am now publishing weekly scans for 26-week and 13-week new highs on the members website on the Weekly Market Scans page.