Building Wealth in the Stock Market

Building Wealth in the Stock MarketI am no longer selling this book direct. You will find it cheapest to buy from Amazon.

My book Building Wealth in the Stock Market, presented handsomely in a hardback format.

If you are a private investor with a significant sum of money to invest safely in the stock market, here is a complete plan, proven through bull and bear markets.

Building Wealth in the Stock Market provides a complete model for investing successfully and safely in bull and bear markets. As an experienced investor and teacher, I share with readers my very own investment plan - one that has been honed over 40 years and has seen me consistently beat the market and my target rate of return.

Everything in my investing method is fully disclosed simply and with a minimum of market jargon. The central idea is how to manage risk in order to grow capital and secure a stream of dividends. The various risks to be managed are explained, along with strategies for managing them.

Aspects covered also include:

The methods are brought to life through case studies based on real investments and the sharing of insights gained from years of experience and research. This book will change the way you think about the stock market forever.

Colin has written a serious and helpful book, kind in its attitude, broad in its scope, and practical in its advice. If you have an uncle in the trading business who is willing to put his work aside and show you the ropes, you might be able to skip this book. For the rest of us, who learn and struggle to make our way in the stock market, Colin Nicholson's new book is an invaluable resource. (Dr Alexander Elder)

Note: Building Wealth in the Stock Market replaces The Aggressive Investor. Most of my basic method has not changed over many years. However, since I wrote The Aggressive Investor, I have refined a few things, notably how I view charts in the right time frame, my maximum risk per stock and my focus on an additional financial ratio. While these things are minor in some respects, they have improved what I do. In addition, I revised the way ideas were presented throughout the book. There are completely new and later case studies, plus examples that were not printed in the original book.