Creating Real Wealth by Michael Kemp

Creating Real WealthI am no longer selling this book direct. You will find it cheapest to buy from Amazon.

No matter at what stage of life or investment skill you find yourself presently you will find a message in Michael’s book that will have a personal relevance.

One of the greatest barriers to achieving investment success is your mental approach to the process. As Warren Buffett’s mentor, Ben Graham said: “The investor’s chief problem and his worst enemy – is likely to be himself.” Michael approaches the subject of investing from this aspect – what are we doing wrong and what we must do to correct this and so improve outcomes.

 Creating Real Wealth is divided into 4 sections acknowledging that there are 4 aspects of money management that need to be both understood and mastered. These are namely how to make it, save it, invest it and enjoy it. Whilst few people have the skills to undertake all four successfully Michael explores how to develop these skills. His book includes numerous interesting anecdotes and insights exploring the lives and inner thoughts of both successful and unsuccessful business people and investors.

Aspects covered include:

Colin Nicholson says of Creating Real Wealth:

 “Before considering whether to read this book it is necessary to give a warning. This is a dangerous book. It has the potential to change the way you design your life. There is a great risk that by reading it you will be exposed to ideas that will make you wealthier, both financially and in terms of happiness with your life.”